The Apple Tree

I took this photograph of the apple tree a few weeks ago, but only just got around to developing it.

It was shot using Kodak Elite Chrome Extra 100 Film. It’s not often I shoot anything on 35mm these days but I plan on doing a little more.

Color slides produce a wider density range, richer gradation, and deeper color saturation than color prints but they do require a tighter exposure control.

Regardless of the advances made within digital photography it still feels great to use film.

New Website

Hi guys, I now have a new website which I’ll try and update as frequently as possible… It’s at the same address

I’ll use this blog to give you any announcements regarding exhibitions or published works etc. I’ll also be using it to publish and share my “work in progress” photographs and projects which hopefully some of you will comment on and let me know what you think – good or bad.

Stay tuned…