Self Portrait – Seeing Double

I was asked recently by an online photography magazine to produce a new self portrait under the category ‘Living’.

I knew that I wanted to somehow put myself in the shot twice, I also knew that I wanted my wife and a piece of my artwork to feature in the portrait.

Above is the photograph which I’ve finally settled on – let me know what you think.

13 thoughts on “Self Portrait – Seeing Double

  1. Wow this is amazing! Really cool and really sexy! WOuld love to know where you get your inspiration from. Love it Carl. Hopefully it will be exhibited 🙂

  2. When you said you were going to work on a self portrait this wan’t what I was expecting at all. It’s seriously, seriously good though. Love the color tones.

  3. This is the difference you see. You ask most photographer’s to produce a self portrait and they come up with a bland photograph of themselves. The thought and detail in this shot is wonderful. Lovely idea to have your Wife and artwork in the photograph too.

    Frankly, when you continue to produce work as consistently excellent as this, it’s hard to understand why people still clammer for the ‘Crush Capitalism’ images.

  4. Stunning photography. Subject matter and composition are perfect and it’s really a very unique self portrait.

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