Expired Film

I shot this Polaroid in 2004 using expired (1997) 600 film.

Even for a Polaroid there is technically so many faults with the image – not least the camera shake, which expired film was never going to help – but I think sometimes, even most of the time photography doesn’t have to be about what is technically right or wrong.

I still love the image and it’s one of my favorite Polaroids.




3 thoughts on “Expired Film

  1. Have always liked Polaroids and your example is no exception. Love the feel and energy of the photo. I think of them as medium format images sans lightbox….

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like the photo – I agree with what you’re saying too – there’s something special about Polaroids. I’ve tried the new Polaroid 300 recently – I like it but it’s just not the same somehow.

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