Pentax K20D

May 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

The shot above of my Wife, Kirsten was taken with a Pentax K20D. I’ve had the camera for a few years now but not really used it much as it’s largely just been a spare kept in my camera bag… As the camera is a few years old now it can be picked up for a really reasonable price on e-Bay etc.

Anyway, as the sun was shining yesterday I decided I’d try and test it out a little bit, so my Wife and I went into the field next to my house.

This was shot as RAW format (which I always shoot in) and I actually really liked it’s RAW capabilities. Pentax call it RAW+ which saves a RAW file, or in this case a EPF file, but it also saves a high resolution JPEG – which is perfect for skimming through your shots in preview or photo viewer etc.

I imported the RAW (EPF) image into Photoshop CS6 which has made huge improvements in the editing of RAW files. For those who don’t shoot in RAW I’d really recommend it – not only do you get a higher quality image – but you also have a lot more control of it during the editing process.

I realize that Nikon and Canon dominates the professional market, but in all honesty I’ve always preferred Pentax. In my opinion the devil is in the detail and they simply make the best lenses in the world.

For any amateurs or semi-pros looking to buy a second hand digital SLR I’d really recommended the Pentax K20D.

You can view the K20D specifications on the official Pentax site by clicking here.

Thanks for reading.


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