FATALE info and press release.

In 2001 Carl Beebee decided to attend College and signed up for a photography course, he could have only imagined that 15 years, and a lot of hard work later, he would be a successful and sought after photographer…

Carl has made a name for himself with tenacity, determination and talent.

He’s exhibited in New York, London, Toronto, Chicago and will soon be breaking ground in Hong Kong.

After the success of his first book ‘California Calling’ (an Amazon Best Seller) his next project felt like it needed to be closer to home. ‘FATALE’ sees a variety of 50 different women – all powerful, all beautiful, and all from different walks of life. He’s shooting professional models along side of the girl who pours your pints, and the lady that cuts your hair. This book, in its essence, is a celebration of women- an empowerment of the female form. It’s anti advertising; a great big middle finger to Hollywood, almost the antithesis of the bright lights and sunshine of California.

It has a dark and gritty heart that says ‘I’m beautiful and I’m pissed off and I have every right to be so’.

More information including release dates and ISBN will be available soon.

An Anniversary Shot…

Last Sunday (12th November) my Wife and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. I wanted to do something small to document the day photographically.

We had already been out and celebrated on the Saturday night, so we decided Sunday evening we would celebrate by having “a few drinks” at home in the living room. If history has taught me anything at all, it’s the fact that I know a “few drinks” is never really a “few drinks”. On these occasions it often looks like our living room has a had a head on crash with a pub.

I decided it would be really cool for us to have a few drinks and then get changed into our Wedding Day smarts and get a shot. That was really my only plan. So after a few drinks, and definitely feeling a little worse for wear I set the camera up in the living room on a tripod and programmed it to take a photograph every 5 minutes. I didn’t use any lights or camera flashes as I didn’t want anything to feel intrusive.

I ended up with about 20 different shots, and this is one of my favourite ones. It’s not lit perfectly, far from it, and in all honesty it’s probably not an image I’d use in my portfolio, but I love it. I think it’s a fun memory to keep from our evening. It captures a moment, a moment where we’re drinking and having fun. In some ways I think the image sums up our last twelve months really perfectly.

It is ironically, what photography is often all about for me. A five minute set up and a second on the shutter for a memory that will last a lifetime.

Fade to black…

Sleepless in Susanna – alt travel.

Alt Travel Photography, I’m not even sure that’s a real thing, but regardless it’s the description I’ve gone with for this particular project. Let me try and explain a little…

Every holiday (or vacation to those of you in the States) I come back with a handful of photographs. You know the kind; selfies, a few pics of the beach etc. The kind of photos I always refer to as “snapshots”. This is nice and all and upon my return I put them in a folder on my Mac, or occasionally get them printed. They’re nice memories to keep and look at a handful times over the years, but it kind of ends there. I decided this year I wanted to try something different…


This past November my Wife and I headed on a working holiday in the beautiful coastal town of Santa Susanna – a short journey from Barcelona and very much in Catalan territory. Before we left I had already decided that I wanted to give this “alt travel photography” a shot. I wanted to create something different. Obviously whilst there I’d still take the selfies etc for personal use, but I wanted to really think and create a set of images I’d happily publish, or at the very least share on my website.
Everywhere we went, everywhere we explored, every activity it made me conscious of taking photographs. Finding a unique shot whilst still documenting our journey and our week. The day we had chosen to go into Barcelona city happened to be the day of the Catalan general strike which saw over 100,000 people take to the streets to protest against police brutality, and stand for democracy. I included only a couple of photographs from this day, partly because it’s not exactly what I wanted this project to be and partly out of respect for those protesting…
I knew from the get go I wanted to include portraits of us both but still capture the beautiful landscapes and surroundings. So that’s what this project is. ‘Alt travel photography”? I’m not sure, but it’s certainly alt for me. Something different, something that made my creative brain tick and something that led to a series work I’m proud of, all whilst experiencing a beautiful place in a sometimes drunken, but always happy state.
To view the full gallery please click on the following link: Sleepless in Susanna by Carl Beebee.

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