The iPhone Shoot

September 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

The photo above is from my iPhone shoot which was exclusively for ‘Snap My Life’ – taken on a iPhone 4S.

The studio shoot, using only the built in camera app on the iPhone had it’s up and downs… Because there is no manual metering mode on the iPhone camera it it can be increasingly difficult to get an exposure (and focus) that you’re happy with.

I found if I used too much light then the camera gave the skin tones a highly saturated yellow temperature but if the light wasn’t significant enough this allowed for unsharp images and noise – so finding the right balance was essential.

The only editing I gave the photographs is the same editing that I’d give any studio portraiture if it had been shot on my DSLR; brightness, contrast, clarity, saturation etc.

I have to say considering these were taken on a phone camera I’m very pleased with some of the results – as with any shoot there are some images better than others but I do feel, overall that the images are of a high quality… In fact there are at least 5 images that I would happily use in a portfolio of my work – this is a testament to the camera.

This shoot would of been near on impossible just a few short years ago and it is a credit to modern technology just how far these “camera phones” have come along – who knows, maybe in future editions of the iPhone the camera app will be able to deal with manual controls of the exposure and white balance etc.

The whole experience of shooting with a phone in a studio was very unique – and so different to using a pro DSLR – but the results are there for all to see – it is possible to get good, high quality studio portraits using a camera phone.

To see all of the photos from the iPhone shoot please go here.

There is also a behind the scenes video from the shoot on YouTube here.


Snap My Life – The iPhone Project

September 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve long held the belief that photography should and could be for everybody – whether snapping moments in your life or making a career out of it. As a professional photographer I often hear things along the lines of “I can’t do that because I don’t have an expensive camera”. This principle has always been a myth to me – some of my favorite ever photographs were taken on cheap, disposable cameras – BUT I have now decided to put this to the test!

On Thursday 13th September I will be working on an exclusive project for ‘Snap My Life’. I will be in a professional photography studio with a professional, experienced model. All sounds pretty normal so far right? But there will be a difference. The only camera I will use during the shoot will be an iPhone…

The iPhone is one of the worlds leading and most popular phones – it is therefore also a camera that millions of people already own. I intend to give the camera it’s maximum test in this experiment that should go some way to see if expensive camera equipment really is ‘that’ important.

I will use only the inbuilt camera app on the iPhone – no extra apps – and the only editing that will occur afterwards will be simple levels (brightness/contrast etc) – the same as what I would do if I were shooting with a leading DSLR camera. There will be no editing trickery, no background cut outs and no ‘false’ lighting – added in editing. 

Please make sure you follow me on Snap My Life so you will be able to see the results for yourself…

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Lightroom Presets & iPhoneography

May 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

The last few days I’ve been working in Adobe Lightroom and creating some new presets – the shot above of model Jodi Lakin is one of my new presets which I have titled (boringly) Silver01. Creating presets is a great way of time saving when mass editing hundreds of images… It’s also useful, if like me, you create a really good print in Lightroom and can never remember which filters and settings etc you used to create it! I’ve got about 30 presets ready made now and if I get time I’ll probably upload them for free download…

A few months ago I purchased an iPhone 4S. I always thought that I wouldn’t really bother with the camera too much – it just seemed a bit lazy somehow… Anyway I started fiddling about with a little and I’ve been really enjoying it. You can see samples of my ‘iPhoneography’ on Snap My Life here.

Thanks for reading…

Jewellery Photo Shoot & News

April 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

Sorry about the lack of posts recently – I had a new computer arrive and as always it’s taken an age to get everything sorted…

The shot above is from a shoot last week for ‘Julia Smith Jewellery’ the model is Laura Ding. I got loads of shots from the shoot with some really cool fine art concept pieces which I’ll edit and upload very soon…

Last month I officially became a ‘Snap My Life’ ambassador. Snap My Life is really cool site for anyone to upload and share their pics. You can check out my ambassadorial profile page here.

Lots of shoots coming up and I promise I’ll try and blog on here a little more often.

Thanks very much reading. x

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