‘3.00AM’ by Carl Beebee | 2013.

It’s 3.00Am – you are in a hotel room, wide awake. Are you lonely or are you loved?


Femme Fatale – Roseanne – NSFW

I had a shoot last week with Roseanne – we did some editorial shots as well as some general portraiture.

The editorial shots are part of the ‘Fatale’ series that I have been working on in recent weeks.

The series depicts, strong, powerful and sexy women in a “noir” like environment…

We spent a hour or so working on some regular portrait work – the one below is one of my favourites thus far…


This is a shot taken a few weeks ago with model Nicki Adam – it was primarily taken for forthcoming exhibitions as well as my ‘Conceptual’ gallery on my website…

I’m currently working on several images and projects that feature strong, sexy women with noir like lighting.

Hopefully I’ll be able to show you more soon.