An Autopsy of Rural England.


**A new and ongoing photography project**

Come to Herefordshire and you’ll be surprised by its natural beauty, the green fields, untouched landscapes and the tranquility of the idyllic market towns and villages, where people try desperately to grasp onto a time and period that has all but passed. You will probably fall in love with Herefordshire and remark to your nearest and dearest how it’s such a wonderful place to visit. You may even want to retire here…

But dig a little deeper, cut it open and you might find a very different story. A very different county. You might find a story of the lowest wages in the West Midlands, a story of constant compromise, a story of a Tory seat that has largely been unopposed for the last two decades. Cut deeper and you will see a county that has placed all of its funding into one city centre. A failed regeneration that has left everywhere else behind it, in its murky shadow. You’ll find quiet streets – and I don’t mean in the tranquil way you may think of – but in a way where a lack of true investment, opportunity and a disposable income has emptied the streets until they look like a damaged Hopper painting.

This project is not about the people here. By large, the people here are good, honest and hard working. There are of course people who do not want change. They don’t understand it. There are also plenty of the “love it or leave it” brigade and there are people who undoubtedly deserve better. People who have been let down by a place where social injustice is being pushed into the very forefront.

Herefordshire is of course beautiful too. There are countless books and postcards to demonstrate that. There is an undeniable charm here, but the things and places that will be photographed for this project, unlike other counties, are not hidden. They are not relegated to the back streets, they are on our doorsteps, outside of our houses, in our town centres. Unhidden, unapologetic and in plain view. They are a constant reminder of an unbalanced county and an unbalanced economy. It is compromised and frequent, it is every part of our county. It is in equal measure to the beauty, the charm and the silence.

Look past the natural beauty and the over marketed history and you’ll see it. Clear as day. A political commentary? Perhaps. But it will be a definite and honest autopsy of the place I call home.

– Carl Beebee.

Make Poverty History


8 years ago I was in the centre of Edinburgh documenting the Make Poverty History rally. As the G8 met over 200,000 people took to the streets to demand that the debt was dropped, more and better aid was received and that trading was fair.

My good friend Terence Payen came along with me as he produced the short film we made on the event. The day we returned he wrote a blog post about his experiences of the day. I thought this would be a great time to post it… So here it is:

So it’s bloody early for a Friday!

Pack bag for the fifth time as I am a total freak when it comes to packing; do not want to forget anything you see.

As it turned out forgot a lot.

Get Car from Jim Melia in Leominster, Try to explain what Carl is doing but his head is somewhere else. However he does nod and grin in all the right places so he can’t be that bad, (Still… when you talk to some one you do expect them to listen, even if it is total bollocks and they think that you are talking out your arse.

Drive away thinking…

Shit, it’s a Skoda.


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