FATALE info and press release.

In 2001 Carl Beebee decided to attend College and signed up for a photography course, he could have only imagined that 15 years, and a lot of hard work later, he would be a successful and sought after photographer…

Carl has made a name for himself with tenacity, determination and talent.

He’s exhibited in New York, London, Toronto, Chicago and will soon be breaking ground in Hong Kong.

After the success of his first book ‘California Calling’ (an Amazon Best Seller) his next project felt like it needed to be closer to home. ‘FATALE’ sees a variety of 50 different women – all powerful, all beautiful, and all from different walks of life. He’s shooting professional models along side of the girl who pours your pints, and the lady that cuts your hair. This book, in its essence, is a celebration of women- an empowerment of the female form. It’s anti advertising; a great big middle finger to Hollywood, almost the antithesis of the bright lights and sunshine of California.

It has a dark and gritty heart that says ‘I’m beautiful and I’m pissed off and I have every right to be so’.

More information including release dates and ISBN will be available soon.

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