Expired Film

I shot this Polaroid in 2004 using expired (1997) 600 film.

Even for a Polaroid there is technically so many faults with the image – not least the camera shake, which expired film was never going to help – but I think sometimes, even most of the time photography doesn’t have to be about what is technically right or wrong.

I still love the image and it’s one of my favorite Polaroids.



Self Portrait – Seeing Double

I was asked recently by an online photography magazine to produce a new self portrait under the category ‘Living’.

I knew that I wanted to somehow put myself in the shot twice, I also knew that I wanted my wife and a piece of my artwork to feature in the portrait.

Above is the photograph which I’ve finally settled on – let me know what you think.


Mirror Nude & Flickr

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have started a Flickr page which I’m trying to update daily with photographs that won’t be seen elsewhere on my website etc.

Please feel free to check it out, add me as a friend and comment on my work. You can find the page here: www.flickr.com/carl_beebee

The nude above was taken in my house just over a year ago, I like using mirrors in my portraits as a suggestion of self image.