The Green Dragon

Covid. What a nightmare. It has obviously been worse for some than others, as millions have lost loved ones – but there’s no doubting it’s been difficult on the arts.

Most of my photographic work is travel or portraiture – both have which have been made near on impossible due to restrictions, that are quite rightly in place.

I found myself getting a bit down as I was missing photography. Luckily, due to a meeting I had to have an overnight stay in a hotel -whilst restrictions were relaxed and overnight stays and travel were allowed. My wife was coming with me so we decided to make the most of it. Although we had to travel very light she managed to pack in a few changes of clothes and I managed to take a small compact, digital camera and a instax camera along with a single LED light.

Light was low in the room so I had to use a high iso which has definitely given the images a grain – but I’m ok with it on these particular images.

It was nice and somewhat therapeutic being able to take photographs again…

Here’s a few samples from the shoot…

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